Corporate Social Responsibility


Six Priority Area of CSR Activity

  • CSR philosophy
    Based on our management philosophy, each employee thinks about and acts for the benefit of the economy, society and the environment from a global viewpoint and fulfills accountability.
  • CSR value
    At TOHO HOLDINGS, each employee acts with trust and empathy, with patients, customers, employees and shareholders in mind.
  • CSR vision
    • To establish trust and empathy with patients, customers, employees, society and shareholders through original value creation
    • To pursue social contribution activities engaged in society involving employees in Japan and around the world
    • For each and every one of us to cherish life, nature and the earth, and deeply engage ourselves in environmental issues.
    • To strive to raise the corporate value and fulfill accountability from the standpoint of CSR
    • To strive to make the economy, society and the environment sustainable