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  • President and
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    Atsushi Udoh

TOHO HOLDINGS CO., LTD., as a group of distribution companies such as Toho Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., a pharmaceutical wholesaling company and Pharma Cluster Co., Ltd., a dispensing pharmacy business management company, has strived to contribute to the health and medical care and continuously get support from the public.

With the focus on ensuring the safety and security of pharmaceuticals distribution as the most important issue, we improve customer satisfaction mainly through expansion of call centers and promote efficiency. In addition, we realize automated management of items location based on lot number and the expiry date in all distribution centers, and make an innovation of distribution equipments such as robots for manpower saving and optimization in those centers, so that we will construct new storage and delivery systems.

Through our full lineup of health-related products ranging from prescription pharmaceuticals, reagents, medical devices, medical materials, OTC drugs to health foods, we contribute widely to preventive care, clinical care, community healthcare linkage and home medical and nursing care fields as well as build a new business model that focuses on value-added services which is developed through the use of the Internet.

In the dispensing pharmacy business, we strive to enhance the management efficiency of dispensing pharmacies that play an important role in community healthcare, and ensure greater added value. Furthermore, we will help pharmacies to gain the support of the people in the communities by taking initiatives to medication counseling and nursing care field through management of KyosoMirai Group in Pharmacy, challenging to construct a “health support pharmacy”.

In 2016, we entered into a field of manufacture and sales of generic drugs etc. We commit to providing stable and high-quality products, ensuring and verifying quality with our knowledge of pharmaceutical wholesaling.

Moreover, we have started a business expansion overseas in recent years based on our strong supply chain structure which had been built in Japan.

We will maintain a customer perspective as our common values and realize corporate value enhancement, taking maximum advantage of expertise in the medical care and health area.