About this site

About this site

Precautions in Using this Web Site

This web site is operated and managed by TOHO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. and each group company of TOHO HOLDINGS CO., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”). Please read the following terms of use carefully and agree to them before using this web site. In addition, when any terms of use are separately set forth in each service content within this web site or on the web site of each group company of the Company, please also read such terms of use carefully and agree to them before using the service content or the web site. Please note that a customer is deemed to have agreed to all of the terms of use once using this web site. Also, because the terms of use of this web site and each service content, and the web sites of the Company and each group company of the Company may be revised if necessary, please check the details of the terms of use at each time of use.

Copyrights and Trademarks

The copyrights and other intellectual property rights, rights of use, and other rights relating to any information, designs, layouts, logo marks, characters and trademarks that are being published within this web site belong to the Company or right holders who have authorized the Company to use them. Customers are eligible to use this web site only to the extent that these rights are not infringed. Please do not duplicate or divert any thereof without permission of its right holder.


With respect to the various kinds of information provided on this web site, although the Company makes proper efforts to prevent the information from causing any contingent damage, disadvantage and the like to a customer, and pays attention to publishing the latest and accurate information, it does not warrant the completeness, accuracy, usefulness and other aspects of the content. Therefore, the Company assumes no responsibility for any damages and disadvantages arising from action taken by customers on the basis of the information.
In addition, the Company assumes no responsibility for any and all damages and disadvantages related to software or hardware that are caused by the use of this web site, such as accidents, contamination by computer virus and loss or damage of data, and damages and disadvantages caused by problems that arise between customers using this web site or between customers and third parties.

Personal Information

You can browse this web site without providing your personal information.
However, the Company may ask customers to provide their personal information in order to provide better services to them.
When the Company acquires personal information through this web site, it makes efforts to ensure safety by employing security technology, such as SSL (*1) encrypted communication, as needed in case of unauthorized access by a third party.

Cookies and Access Logs

In order that customers can more conveniently browse this web site when visiting this web site again, the Company may send data called cookies that identify computers used by the customers, and record the data on the hard disks of their computers. However, these cookies do not identify them personally.
Customers can set their Internet browsing software (browser) to refuse the data. However, this web site may not be used normally due to the setting.
The Company records information on the computers of people accessing this web site as access logs for the purpose of this site’s maintenance management, statistical analysis of the status of use, and problem solving.
The access logs include domain names, IP addresses, the types of OS and browser, the dates and times of access, and the like.

Requests for Documents and Inquiries from Customers

If any e-mail, request for documents, etc. from a customer does not arrive at the Company owing to an Internet failure, accident or the like, the Company assumes no responsibility therefor.
The copyrights on e-mail and other material that are sent to customers by the Company belong to the Company, and the e-mail and other material cannot be diverted to other web sites or printed matter without permission of the Company.

Change of Web Site

Any information, service content, address and the like related to this web site may be added, changed or discontinued without giving prior notice to customers.
The Company assumes no responsibility for any content posted on bulletin boards on this web site. In addition, when the Company considers that the posted content includes inappropriate content, it may delete all or part of the content without prior notice.

Temporary Interruption of Provision of Web Site

The Company may interrupt or discontinue the provision of all or part of this web site without prior notice when it considers that it is necessary to do so owing to system failures caused by fires, power breakdowns, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, or other reasons, and the necessity of system maintenance and the like. The Company assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from this interruption or discontinuance.

Link to Web Site

If you wish to link a web site to the top page of this web site, please contact the webmaster of this web site through the contact form. However, the Company may refuse a link from a web site that includes content not complying with public order, adult content or content slandering the Company and for other reason when the Company considers the link to be inappropriate.

Ensuring Safety on Link Destinations

Although links to this web site may be made on third parties’ web sites, we do not manage any handling of personal information provided by customers on the third parties’ web sites.
Since the Company cannot assume responsibility for the handling of personal information or content on the web sites of link destinations, please check clauses regarding the handling of personal information published on the web site of each link destination.

  • *1 SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a communication procedure that encrypts information for online transmission and reception. Information entered by customers on SSL-enabled pages is protected by encryption.