Customer Support System

Always thinking from a customer point of view, our subsidiary, Toho Pharmaceutical helps medical institutions and dispensing pharmacies step up their operating efficiency through the development and proposal of unique systems and services. Our customer support systems developed through the optimization of advanced information system technologies, such as a pharmaceutical ordering system, ENIF, a system supporting the separation of dispensing and prescribing functions, ENI-Pharmacy, a hospital appointment booking system, LXMATE HeLios/SELENE, and a voice-recognition medication history recording support system, ENIFvoice SP, are highly rated by customers.

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ENIF voiceSP+A ENIFvoice SP ENIFme
ENIF NURSE Initial Examination Reservation Service
eKenkoshop ENIF ENIFclub
ENI-Pharmacy ENIF win

Business Lines

  • Pharmaceutical Wholesaling Business
  • Customer Support System
  • Dispensing Pharmacy Business
  • SMO and CRO Business