Business Lines

TOHO HOLDINGS is striving to become more specialized than before in the respective business segments of pharmaceutical wholesaling and dispensing pharmacy and to raise the level of customer satisfaction.

Pharmaceutical Wholesaling Business

We sell prescription pharmaceuticals, reagents and medical devices to hospitals, clinics and dispensing pharmacies.  We also provide comprehensive support for the health care environment.  These include the development and sales of customer support systems, assistance in the start-up of medical institutions and pharmacies and a consulting service, which are designed to help customers enhance their business efficiency and improve patient satisfaction.



Dispensing Pharmacy Business

We aim to form a trusted group of pharmacies, pledging to contribute to local health care and local communities. We are currently conducting various studies with and assisting dispensing pharmacies across Japan to jointly address challenges that are difficult for an individual pharmacy to tackle. More specifically, we are taking measures to reduce costs to boost efficiency, to support patients through the use of home pharmacies and to secure a sufficient number of pharmacists with training provided for them.



Pharmaceutical Manufacturing and Sales Business

We involve in development, manufacture and sales business of prescription pharmaceuticals centered on generic drugs.While ensuringquality through our unique verification systems such as elution testing, we strive for stableand continual supply of high-quality and high-value-added generic drugs.We also aim to optimize the pharmaceutical supply chain from production to distribution and prescription based on precise predictions of market demands in collaboration with pharmaceutical wholesaling business and dispensing pharmacy business.


SMO Business

The SMO (Site Management Organization) business firmly assists a variety of medical establishments ranging from large medical institutions to private clinics with a wide range of clinical trials under contract. We support medical institutions suitable for respective trials in an appropriate and sophisticated manner to improve the quality and speed of clinical trials.




Sales of software to medical institutions (information processing) and assistance in in-house logistics at medical institutions (supply processing and distribution) are carried out to contribute to the broad enhancement of people’s health and to their realizing a comfortable lifestyle.

Business Lines

  • Pharmaceutical Wholesaling Business
  • Customer Support System
  • Dispensing Pharmacy Business
  • SMO Business