Dispensing Pharmacy Business

PharmaCluster PharmaClusterAddress : GranTokyo South Tower 10F, 1-9-2 Marunouchi, Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
URL: http://www.pharma-cluster.co.jp/
PharmaCluster Co., Ltd., a dispensing pharmacy business management company, is committed to helping group companies fulfill their mission for society and achieve their ideal, and empathizing with people in the joy of living and the feeling of safety. The company manages group pharmacies, and studies and supports ways to make better pharmacies in cooperation with dispensing pharmacies across Japan that are deeply involved in regional health care.

Group Companies

【Subsidiaries of PharmaCluster】 【Subsidiaries of TOHO HOLDINGS】
Pharma Mirai Shimizu Pharmacy
Cure Aobado
J.Mirai Medical Seiko Medical Brain
Pharma Daiwa

Business Lines

  • Pharmaceutical Wholesaling Business
  • Customer Support System
  • Dispensing Pharmacy Business
  • SMO and CRO Business